Vimeo link to Morgan Quaintance's documentary about Cubitt Artists & Gallery, featuring Anne-Marie Creamer by anne-marie creamer

Cubitt 25 Years is now available to watch online. An interesting 40 minutes into the history of our artist led organisation. With support from Outset Contemporary Art Fund and Arts Council England

Cubitt 25 Years is now available to watch online. An interesting 40 minutes into the history of our artist led organisation. With support from Outset Contemporary Art Fund and Arts Council England

CUBITT 25 YEARS- Morgan quaintance's documentary about Cubitt Artists & Gallery at the ICA London + panel discussion, featuring Anne-Marie Creamer. by anne-marie creamer


2 Nov 2016

The premiere screening of new documentary Cubitt 25 Years: An Artist Led History is followed by a discussion involving Cubitt artists and curators. Produced by Cubitt’s current Curatorial Fellow Morgan Quaintance, this film explores Cubitt Studios, Cubitt Gallery and Cubitt Education, taking a look at the history and present of the organisation, its previous curators, artists and others who have been involved, as well as glimpsing into its possible future.

Following the screening, Morgan Quaintance will lead a discussion with speakers Daniel BakerAndrew CarterAnne-Marie CreamerNicholas Wyatt and Laura White.
Cubitt is an artist-led gallery, studios and education provider based in Islington. It is an independent organisation run on a co-operative model managed by its members, comprising a community of over 30 artists and a team of professional staff.  Over the past twenty five years Cubitt has grown as a unique hub for international developments in contemporary visual culture, providing opportunities for artists and curators at an early stage in their careers, as well as members of the local community. As one of the last remaining, affordable artists' studio spaces in central London, Cubitt is a multi-layered, richly resourced yet incredibly cost-effective, democratic reality.

The documentary Cubitt 25 Years: An Artist Led History has been realised with support from Outset Contemporary Art Fund and the dedication of Cubitt artists and staff.

NEW EXHIBITION PROJECT: with Sir John Soane's Museum, produced by Animate Projects by anne-marie creamer

soane bedchamber curator.png

Anne-Marie is working with the Sir John Soane's Museum (London) and Animate Projects (UK) on a solo exhibition for the Foyle Project Room at the Museum in the Autumn/ Winter of 2018.  The working title is 'Dear Eliza, the mourning room' and will be produced by Gary Thomas, co-Director of Animate Projects (and Film Officer with the British Council), with partners Arcminute architectural visualisers, and others.

The project will explore the subject of lost bedchamber of Eliza Soane, the wife of John Soane, within the Soanes Museum, London. John Soane had preserved the room for nearly 20 years until shortly before his death, mindful of his legacy, he finally emptied the room to create the well known Model Room within the museum. This new animation and printed sculpture will build on and extend research by Helen Dorey, Acting Director and Inspectress at the Soane Museum, on the subject of the museums private apartments, which were reconstructed in 2015.  

As Eliza Soane's bedchamber cannot be recorded by conventional means Anne-Marie will be working with a team of digital archeologists and architectural visualisers to make an immersive work that explores the relationship between animation and mourning, which will also feature a collaboration with a composer. 

More information will be posted about this project as details are confirmed. 



LOVEoften festival, Lofoten, Norway by anne-marie creamer

Norwegian artist-curator Kjetil Berge and Norwegian curator Mei Szetu have invited Anne-Marie to take part in the next edition of Loveoften, taking place in Lofoten, northern Norway in the summer of 2017. She also appeared in an event at the Midnight sun barn in August 2016.

Anne-Marie will be devising a new work that links together this relationship of love and place for the event.

Loveoften is a word-play and LOVEOFTEN is a publication of responses to this specific play on words.

The LOVEOFTEN publication contains a collection of thoughts and ideas - a conceptual ontology of potentials for the curatorial work that will take place in response to Kjetil Berge´s Midnight Sun Bar’n in Kvalnes, Vestvågøy, Lofoten.

People with different viewpoints are invited to participate. Neighbours, activists, writers, artists and scientists explore through their individual reactions the potentials that exist within the misunderstanding, mistranslation, and miscommunication that the word Loveoften evokes.

Mei Szetu and Kjetil Berge will be hosting this on-going conversation of interpretations based upon misunderstandings.

Welcome to LOVEOFTEN.

Loveoften web-site:

Kjetil Berge's web-site:

Anne-Marie to participate in «Der du ikkje er»/ "Where you are not ", Sula, Norway by anne-marie creamer

the island of Sula, western Norway

Norwegian artist and curator Lars Sture, the winner of this years Norwegian BHK Scholarship, is creating a meeting of artists and curators who he has invited to come to the island of Sula, Solund, in western Norway during the summer of 2016.  "There you are not " takes place in Skule in Solund andaims to facilitate meetings between contemporary art in Norway and a professional network outside of the county.  Sture has asked Anne-Marie to create a new performative lecture that can also act as an introduction to her work.

NEW COMMISSION: The Borough Road Gallery and the David Bomberg archives by anne-marie creamer

Anne-Maire is pleased to announce she is working on a new commission with The Borough Road Gallery, with South Bank University and others, to develop three new time based works adapted from British painter David Bomberg's archives at the Tate.  The project is in the the early stages of development, scheduled for a solo show in the autumn of 2018. Further developments and up-dates will be posted here as the project develops.





As part of Flac Group three month art-takeover, where over 20 artists have been challenged to respond to the local area and venue with artworks that react, build up or deteriorate over the three month period on February 14th 2016 Anne-Marie presented Fictional Introduction, as well as a screening of Treatment for Six Characters.  Fictional Introduction re-works an introduction Anne-Marie gave ahead of 'Treatment' a little over a year ago at The Drawing Room Gallery/ The Tannery, but here the introduction has been turned into a script, now enacted by British performance artist Jordan McKenzie. McKenzie presented himself as being Anne-Marie, reciting her words about the evolution of the work. The event is intended as a meta-prologue to her film and drawing on both her own and Luigi Pirandello's ideas seeks to heighten the line between author-actor-character. Anne-Marie is currently developing a further iteration of this work using a team of actors, a 'swarm of Anne-Marie's', all competitively, absurdly insisting they are the author of the work.

Anne-Marie will do one final event with FLAC on March 18th 2016, premiering a new work called 'Dear Anne-Marie...".  Link to booking FLAC NETWRK events:


More information about NETWRK and the FLAC GROUP:


Anne-Marie's radio interview with Brainard Carey for Yale University Radio WYBCX is now up and running by anne-marie creamer

Take a listen: Anne-Marie's radio interview with Brainard Carey for Yale University Radio WYBCX is now up and running. The link is below. Although I was as tired as hell when we spoke it doesn't show too much, I think. 

It's a great series, also featuring impressive company such as Betty Tomkins, Luis Camnitzer, the wonderful Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's, Donald Kuspit, Lisa Yuskavage, James Turrell, Céline Condorelli, Jorge Pardo, Bill Arning, Alex HamiltonDavid Gryn, David Storr, Ida Applebroog, Dave Hickey, Chrissie Isles, and lots of others...You can subscribe to the series for free via iTunes, Android. 

A link to Anne-Marie's interview for Brainard and Yale University Radio WYBCX is here:

More information about Brainard Carey: