The Passing of the Keepers of Saltine at MUSEO FERROVIARIO DELLA PUGLIA / by anne-marie creamer

Anne-Marie's work The Passing of the Keepers of Salento, at MUSEO FERROVIARIO DELLA PUGLIA

Anne-Marie's work The Passing of the Keepers of Salento, at MUSEO FERROVIARIO DELLA PUGLIA

SETTEMBRE 25, 2015

Mostra Moving Landscape
25 september 2015 – h 19.00


The exhibition Moving Landscape, in tandem with the recently produced book of the same title, recently took place in Puglia in southern Italy. The project has been run by the organisations Projetto GAP and PepeNero, with curator Francesco Bounerba and Francesca Marconi. 

from the PepeNero web-site: 

"PepeNero and Gap are happy to present, inside Lecce’s Museo Ferroviario the Moving Landscape book accompained by the exhibition of the artworks realized by Anne-Marie Creamer, Enoch Chen, Santiago Morilla,TJ Hospodar during their residency in Lecce and the work by Maira Marzoni who travelled along the railway keeper’s houses to gather physical, auditory and poetic traces that together characterize each and every place.
The book was born through a collective process in which the visions of the artists in residence, the words of the participants of the writing workshop led by WuMing3 and Yacine Benseddik’s photos came together. Collective Planar and Alessia Bernardini took part to the narrative and editorial structure of the book.

Moving landscape started with a question: “what can you see today? what, in this region, lingers? and, most of all, which are its links to the contemporary world. The word Landscape acted as a starting point of a consideration about the Salento territory, a generic, undefined word for a land with very pronounced features, seen from a peculiar point of view, the railway. As moving observers, artists and writers interacted with people, themes and places often overlooked. The landscape formed the civil outline of a country. A simbolic territory that links man with the world, in which art and sociality become means to think and interpret contemporaneity, individual and collective life, and the discovery of new perspectives."


The show was reviewed in: 

Repubblica 30-09-2015

La Repubblica, L'arte lungo i binari del Salento "Moving landscape"a Lecce, Lorenzo Madaro




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