LOVEoften festival, Lofoten, Norway / by anne-marie creamer

Norwegian artist-curator Kjetil Berge and Norwegian curator Mei Szetu have invited Anne-Marie to take part in the next edition of Loveoften, taking place in Lofoten, northern Norway in the summer of 2017. She also appeared in an event at the Midnight sun barn in August 2016.

Anne-Marie will be devising a new work that links together this relationship of love and place for the event.

Loveoften is a word-play and LOVEOFTEN is a publication of responses to this specific play on words.

The LOVEOFTEN publication contains a collection of thoughts and ideas - a conceptual ontology of potentials for the curatorial work that will take place in response to Kjetil Berge´s Midnight Sun Bar’n in Kvalnes, Vestvågøy, Lofoten.

People with different viewpoints are invited to participate. Neighbours, activists, writers, artists and scientists explore through their individual reactions the potentials that exist within the misunderstanding, mistranslation, and miscommunication that the word Loveoften evokes.

Mei Szetu and Kjetil Berge will be hosting this on-going conversation of interpretations based upon misunderstandings.

Welcome to LOVEOFTEN.

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