(Sequel 1: TOMIS), The Tragedy of a Character, live voice over at Five Years Gallery, by anne-marie creamer

Prologo/ Prolog, which late became known as (Sequel 1: TOMIS), The Tragedy of a Character, live voice over, took place at the Five Years gallery, London on Saturday, 28 June 2014

Approx. 10 minutes.

Part of an on-going exploration of creating cinema without film in the traditional sense British artist Anne-Marie Creamer will perform a live voiceover with soundscape and projected imagery to create a cinematic narrative. 

Anne-Marie Creamer is a British Artist whose work encompasses videos, texts and drawings.  She is currently working on the imaginative possibilities of an absent film by Italian writer Luigi Pirandello. 

“Dear Friend,

This is a experiment I have put together as part of Kjetil Berge’s current exhibition at Five years. It’s really my first attempt, a sketch, towards trying out a new form for my work, part film, part performance.  It’s not the more major Pirandello work I have been doing for sometime, although there is a connection.  I should be beginning private screenings of that work from this September.  

You are welcome to come along this Saturday at 2pm.